Starting (and running) your own HVAC Business is a lot harder than you might realize. I’m Doc Garner and I would like to provide you with the tools necessary to be successful from the very start!

I wrote my E-Book with beginners in mind. If even a single idea in this little book helps you be more successful, it will have been worth reading.

What to expect in the HVAC Quickstart:

5 things you need to be successful in HVAC

11 reasons why It’s good to be the boss!

What work to walk away from It’s all about the P (Profit)

What advertising to avoid

3 problems with low pricing

How to price your work for profit from the start

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HVAC Quickstart FAQ

Our Return Policy:

It will take you a few weeks to set up your books and start using them. Take your time to try them out in the field. Use your hours of mentoring to let me help you get set up. Then, if you can’t use them, let me know and I’ll refund your investment within 90 days.

Can you help me set up my books?

If you just don’t have time or desire to set up your own books, I can set them up for you for additional cost.

I don’t know how to adapt the marketing pieces to my company.

Most of them are designed in Microsoft Publisher and Word. You, or someone you know can open the file that you want to use and make the changes. If you don’t know anyone who knows Publisher or Word, your local community college will have someone who teaches Microsoft programs and may be able to recommend a student to help you. The pieces that are not Publisher or Word can be printed and shown to your printer and they can take it from there. Also, check out for graphics experts that can help for a small fee.

Is your Performance Pay system legal?

I have been using it for over 15 years successfully in Tennessee and Georgia. But you should show it to a lawyer with expertise in labor laws to be certain.

Stop Selling The Cheapest Equipment To Your Customers!

Admit it: Almost all your replacement sales are the basic, minimum SEER or AFUE equipment. I know why you do it. You need to make the sale and you are afraid you’ll lose it if you price out the Premium, variable speed, 25 SEER system. Another thing is that…

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Why is it so hard to make a living in hvac?

Why is it so hard to make a living in HVAC? By Doc Garner I was on an HVAC chat site recently and read technician after technician complaining about their job in HVAC. Their complaints were things like: The boss is an asshole. I thought I’d be making more money when I…

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You Can Make Good Money In HVAC, But It Ain’t Easy

You Can Make Good Money In HVAC, But It Ain’t Easy by Doc Garner Having moved north to Dayton Ohio from a poor Appalachian town in Tennessee in the post-WWII migration, Ray Garner, my dad, found a job in the maintenance department at the Frigidaire plant. But that…

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